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Encouraging First Responders


Changing Tactics by Craig Duck President/Missionary FCFInternational and retired Lieutenant DCFD

Think back on all the emergencies you have responded to over the years. Have you ever had to switch tactics? Let's recap, strategy is the overarching plan of action that is developed to mitigate an emergency and return the area back to a sense of normalcy. A tactic, on the other hand,  is ....

Read More


Are You Dealing with Burn-out? Read This

Is your passion burning bright or on the verge of extinguishment?
As leaders, we are tasked with providing encouragement to people who can be hostile and unreceptive.
Every positive word is often met with .... Read More



3 things


Three Goals Every Leader Should Strive For - by Craig Duck President/Missionary FCFInternational

The success of any organization or ministry depends upon its leaders. Remember, leadership is the ability to get others to follow. If you have been in the fire service for any length of time, you have probably run into many different leaders with various leadership styles. Some were good, and you gave them your all .... Read More



Recognizing a Firefighter in Distress - by Andrew Starnes FCFInternational Member

As firefighters, we are trained to recognize the signs of an impending flashover. Rapidly increasing temperatures, a non-tenable environment, thick turbulent smoke and then it happens... Read More




I Will Loose - by Andrew Starnes FCFInternational Member

When facing trials, tribulations, and conflicts... I will lose... When facing doubt, disbelief, and disillusionment... I will lose... When facing grief, anger, and resentment... I will lose... Read More




A Spiritual Tragedy or Spiritual Masterpiece? by Andrew Starnes FCFInternational Member

Think for a moment of the beginning of your most passionate ambition...

Remember the drive, the energy, and the focus that we all once had...

Have we all come to a place of apathy? .... Read More


Firefighter or Employee - by Andrew Starnes FCFInternational Member

Have you ever witnessed a firefighter who is superb on the fire ground but completely incapable of getting along with others at the fire house?
This is a bigger problem than we may realize. What is it that they are missing?
Consider these examples .... Read More





Reigniting Our Passion for Small Groups - by Craig Duck FCFInternational President/Missionary

Have you lost your passion to study the Bible? Is your life so busy that you never have time to study the Word of God? You are not alone. According to a recent study, only 9% of Americans read their Bible every day. I would imagine that even fewer regularly study what they are reading. The Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International (FCFInternational) wants to reignite your passion for Bible studies .... Read More




Do You Want Change in the Fire Service - by Andrew Starnes FCFInternational member

Do you want to change the fire service? Let us begin with the one we can change: Ourselves!
I have witnessed a common threat as I travel in the fire service. It is one that affects the small departments and the large. It affects the well paid and the volunteer firefighters. It is present in .... Read More



Mountain Story Showing Ownership - by Africa Fire Mission

There once was a village located on top of a steep mountain. On a regular basis, as people were coming down the mountain, they would slip off the trail and fall to the valley below. Many people were injured and some even killed.
A short-term team came to their village, saw this problem and wanted to do something about it. They thought about what they could do and .... Read More



The Story of the Broken Hand-Rail - by Andrew Starnes FCFInternational member

A lone individual walks slowly down a set of stairs when suddenly they slip & begin to fall...
This set of stairs they have traveled many times so they reach for the trusty and secure hand rail to steady themselves but...
It is no longer there...
Sadly, others have complained... Read More


Using Daily Devotion to Grow Your Faith - by Craig Duck 



I have been blessed over the years to be in some pretty busy companies. As I worked along side of some of the best firefighters in the world, I gained a wealth of knowledge. Becoming a lieutenant in the Washington, DC Fire Department was one of the greatest joys as a firefighter that happened to me. I learned quickly .... Read More







Firefighters Who Do You Serve - by Craig Duck President/Missionary FCFInternational

This is an action-packed question that could go in several different directions. We all serve somebody, whether we like to admit it or not. It doesn't matter if you are a rookie with one month of experience or the fire chief of the department with over 30 years of service, you must answer to someone. There are some in the fire service who believe .... Read More





The Living Definition of Perseverance - by Andrew Starnes Captain Charolette Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

Many people talk of being strong until their faith is tested, they face hard times, or tragedy touches their lives. The measure of one's beliefs is not during fair weather but how they compose themselves during the storms of life. The very definition of perseverance is .... Read More




5 Keys to Success in the Fire Service - by Craig Duck President and Missionary FCFInternational

If we are truly being honest with each other, we all want to succeed in the fire service. Nobody starts out on this journey wanting to fail. Whether you serve in a paid department or a volunteer department, we all want to deliver the goods and do whatever it takes to succeed. But how do we accomplish this goal .... Read More





How to Call For Help - by Andrew Starnes Captain of the Charlotte Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

We who save others often foolishly think that we don't need anyone to save us. This is a terrible mistake. Only One Rescuer has the power to bring true life out of death.... Read More





the need


The Need for Additional Resources - by Craig Duck President/Missionary FCFInternational

Since the birth of the incident command system (ICS), the fire service has latched on to several critical phrases. One of those phrases that many incident commanders utilize on the radio is "the need for additional resources." A well respected battalion chief that I worked for would often ask .... Read More




read your bible

Reading Your Bible - by Craig Duck President/Missionary FCFInternational

Firefighters and first responders understand the importance of reading firefighting material. Whether it is articles from reputable trade magazines, online blogs or websites .... Read More




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