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Encouraging First Responders

Leadership Exemplified - by Andrew Starnes - Captain Charolette Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

One who studies leadership will continue to find this scene repeated time and time again throughout history: Leaders WILL be attacked. No matter whether the leader is one of integrity or one of falsehood it is a historically .... Read More

5 keys


5 Keys to Success in the Fire Service - by Craig Duck President and Missionary FCFInternational

If we are truly being honest with each other, we all want to succeed in the fire service. Nobody starts out on this journey wanting to fail. Whether you serve in a paid department or a volunteer department, we all want to deliver the goods and do whatever it takes to succeed. But how do we accomplish this goal .... Read More


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How to Call For Help - by Andrew Starnes Captain of the Charlotte Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

We who save others often foolishly think that we don't need anyone to save us. This is a terrible mistake. Only One Rescuer has the power to bring true life out of death.... Read More



The Unappreciated - by Andrew Starnes Captain of the Charlotte Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

Are your efforts ridiculed, stolen, not recognized? Welcome to a great company of leaders  
The Unappreciated: There comes a time in everyone's life where all their efforts seem to be failing... Read More


the need


The Need for Additional Resources - by Craig Duck President/Missionary FCFInternational

Since the birth of the incident command system (ICS), the fire service has latched on to several critical phrases. One of those phrases that many incident commanders utilize on the radio is "the need for additional resources." A well respected battalion chief that I worked for would often ask .... Read More



The Tee Shirt and the Bumper Sticker Christian - by Andrew Starnes Captain Charlotte Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

It is not uncommon to see a person wearing a T-shirt that indicates they are a firefighter. In many instances, the words or pictures on these T-shirts are not pleasant .... Read More


read your bible

Reading Your Bible - by Craig Duck President/Missionary FCFInternational

Firefighters and first responders understand the importance of reading firefighting material. Whether it is articles from reputable trade magazines, online blogs or websites .... Read More




planning section chief


Planning Section Chief - by Andrew Starnes Captain Charlotte Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

During the course of an incident, as it begins to progress in size and complexity, the planning section chief is established. The member responsible for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating information .... Read More



Faith Based Support for Firefighters - by Chaplain Kevin Coffey, FCFInternaational member.

We know that unaddressed and unresolved problems in a firefighter's personal life will eventually spill over into his/her fire service experience and can often overload the ever-present .... Read More 


Firefighter Study Group - by Craig Duck President/Missionary of FCFInternational.

Years ago, I served as a firefighter in the Washington, DC Fire Department and had a desire to become an officer. To be eligible to take the promotion test .... Read More


the resurrection



The Resurrection of Carl Benson

Another early Sunday morning and a small group of men gather together once more for prayer. Their hearts are united, set on pursuing and seeking .... Read More



Voiceless - by Daniel Cook

Once upon a time .... Did I ever tell you about?  Rember when?

Some folks are blessed with a gift of good story telling. You know the person I am talking about. They can turn a mundane trip .... Read More


The Firefighter Rescue Plan - by Andrew Starnes Captain Charlotte Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

The firefighter rescue plan part 1: The need to be saved, A firefighters interpretation of the Roman road to salvation.    Read More....




As We Stive to Make a Difference - by Andrew Starnes Captain Charlotte Fire Department and FCFInternational member.

As we strive to make a difference, to fulfill our calling, and seek God's purpose in our lives we will all face the same struggle. We will all face an individual .... Read More



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