Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International

90 Days of Encouragement Volume II

The second volume of the 90 Days of Encouragement are available. Take the 90 day challenge and see if it doesn't help you to grow in your faith. These devotionals make great Christmas gifts and some of the proceeds go to support the ministry. Order yours today and be blessed.

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Encourager Magazine Fall Edition

Reigniting the Passion Within - Check out the latest edition of the Encourager Magazine and see if it doesn't encourage you to grow in your faith. It can be easy to get discouraged in today's fire service. Learn how to reignite your passion and thrive in your department.

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Christian Firefighter Hub

The Christian Firefighter Hub (CFH) is now ready for immediate download on your mobile devices. This app brings together multiple ministries with resources to help you grow in your faith. Daily devotions, Bible studies, videos, articles and much more are ready for you to view. Download the app today and let's start a revival in the fire service. Be sure to share this with everyone in you department.

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Youtube Channel

FCFInternational has created a Youtube channel to help Christian Firefighters grow in their faith. Check out our videos and see if they don't encourage you in your faith. If you have an idea please share it with us. Our prayer is to make positive changes in the fire service so God can be glorified. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and do't forget to hit the like button for every video you like.

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Firefighter Outreach Bible

The new Firefighter Outreach Bibles are ready for immediate distribution. Simply make a donation in any amount to FCFInternational in the month of May or June to receive your copy. Help finish the mission and support our Bible fund to ensure every firefighter receives a copy of the Bible. The new Firefighter Outreach Bible will help new believers or firefighters who are searching for truth to grow in their faith. Read the NEWS RELEASE for all of the latest information on the project.

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Check out our Facebook page and get involved. Our group post daily devotions, prayer requests, videos, and more. Join in on all of the excitement.

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